Based on her 30-plus years of guiding individuals throughout the world to improve their leadership and impact, HBeS Founder Kathleen Schafer launched the Membership Program as an important innovation addressing the quest for ongoing leadership growth and development, beyond seminars, programs, and coaching. The HBeS Membership provides multiple group sessions each week, for participants to discuss how best to navigate through immediate leadership challenges, develop their leadership skills and prepare for future growth.

Leadership is a practice and the HBeS Membership provides the perfect way for people practice their leadership. Becoming a sound leader requires commitment to reviewing concepts, discussing real world situations, and connecting with others on a similar path. Each session is curated to meet the needs, questions, and curiosities of the group. The Membership provides real time leadership support that Members access when they want to best meet their needs.

This unique experience allows individuals to access to group guidance throughout the week to flow with their needs and schedules to access the leadership support they need in real time via Zoom.

One-hour group sessions are offered at different times on different days throughout the week with changes made each month to accommodate a range of schedules.


Monthly memberships are $149 per month with a three-month commitment.

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These are three-month experiences focused on a specific topic for a group of up to seven (7) individuals focused on a specific step of the Leadership Connection Model. Open enrollments will be listed here, our current Accountability Group: Create Work You Love is closed. To receive information on upcoming Accountability Group topics provide us your Email:

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