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Success Begins When You Get Your Gift


This one-on-one session introduces you to your Gift using our powerful proprietary process.

One 90-minute individual session | $245

Maintain Your Connection to Success


Sessions are 60-minutes and valid for one year

One session at $245 Each | $245

Four sessions at $235 each | $940

Seven sessions at $225 each | $1,575


Become a monthly member and enjoy a discounted rate of $199 per session. Sessions are 60-minutes with a three month minimum, auto-billed at the beginning of each month until notified.

One per month | $199

Two per month | $398

Four per month | $796

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What People Are Saying About The Human Being Store
“I learned more about myself in 90 minutes than I did in an entire year-long executive leadership program.”
“I was surprised that the process of receiving my Gift could feel so tangible . . . understanding my true value has shifted how I invest my time and apply my strengths to my work.”
“Getting my Gift has transformed the way I see myself and the world. I feel a new sense of direction and purpose, as well as the ability to see the potential in all others with whom I interact.”
“I have experienced an overwhelming sense of joy, clarity, abundance and ease in my day-to-day life. I connected to my authentic self, and the Gifts that I have to offer, enhancing my leadership in such a way that my coworkers and management team recognized this shift without me a saying a word about it.”
“It is never too late to make a change. Sometimes we forget how bright our light shines, but it never goes out, and the Human Being Store reminds you where the switch is.”
“The Human Being Store has shifted the way I experience everything. HBeS jumped in the mud with me and helped me uncover the tools I needed to be the most effective leader in my own life, the leader I was born to be.”
“If you have an ounce of curiosity to learn more about this process, take the leap, trust yourself, and receive your Gift.”

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